The QLCA allows all breeds to become Lure Coursing Field Champions and obtain higher titles. We also cater for cross breeds, thus allowing these breeds to obtain their unique titles. This makes the QLCA quite unique compared to most other parts of the world, where only Sighthounds can obtain field titles.
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Dog Lure Coursing

What is Lure Coursing?

Lure Coursing tries to stimulate the dogs instinct to chase. The lure (a couple of plastic bags) is tied to a 2mm rope that is pulled around low profile pullies (to ensure your dog/s safety) by a specially designed stationary motor bike in an open field.  The course is designed in an irregular pattern and somewhat similar to the way a hare might run in an open field. With the sound of the motor bike and those two bags making their irregular pattern, dogs just love the thrill of it.

History of QLD Lure Coursing Association

In 1984 Steve and Sabine Mueller arrived from Germany, bringing with them their Afghan hounds and after being involved in Lure Coursing in Germany for many years, and racing their Afghans on the Greyhound…

Upcoming Events

7th December 2024

First Round Of The Summer Cup

2nd March 2024

Field Trial Night Meeting

20th April 2024

100 Sprint – Capalaba Greyhound Track

3rd February 2024

Second Round Of The Summer Cup

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Lure Coursing Dog

Interested in giving your dog or puppy a go?

That’s brilliant, we love watching new dogs and puppies take to the course, Click below to see what you need to do to join.

Meet results, gradings and how your dog is scored.

Track your dog/s meet results from Kuraby and Warwick and their current gradings, also understand how your dog is scored.

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We would like to kindly thank our generous sponsors.


If you would like more information on sponsoring any of the clubs activities or equipment, please contact the QLCA Fundraiser or Secretary.

The club would like to sincerely thank the following sponsors for sponsoring our price-givings:

1) Naadirah Salukis

2) Capalaba Produce

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4) Keith Simmons

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7) Mavlab

Contact information

Eric Smith

Vice President
Ian Smith 

Heather Irvine

Race Secretary
Melissa Van Bael

Membership Officer
Cathy Yuen

Pursuit Magazine Officer
Raine Foxx

Keeper of Scores/Trophy Steward
Teresa Bowman


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