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Scoring Systems

Have you ever felt so proud of something your dog has accomplished but have never had anything to show for it. Well Lure Coursing is a dog competition where your dog earns Titles just like any other competition, irrespective of if they are a Registered or Unregistered Dog, like:

Field Champion
Lure Courser of Merit
Companion of the Course
Companion Courser of Merit
Show and Field Champion

Financial Members

Titles are only able to be earned under financial members of the club. If you are not a financial member of our club, just fill out a membership form and join us!

Members Handbook

Membership Application

Contact information

Eric Smith

Vice President
Ian Smith

Heather Irvine

Race Secretary
Melissa Van Bael

Membership Officer
Cathy Yuen

Pursuit Magazine Officer
Raine Foxx

Keeper of Scores/Trophy Steward
Teresa Bowman


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