Lure Coursing Day Entries


LATE ENTRIES ON THE DAY: Please note late entries are scored but not for titles or trophies.

Its important to note that before any dog can enter a Lure Coursing Meeting, they must first submit a Race Entry Form to the Race Secretary, prior to the Lure Coursing Meet, otherwise your dog will be deemed a LATE ENTRY.

You have 3 methods of registration available to you:

  1. In person at the current meet. You would complete a registration form and submit it to the Race Secretary for the next upcoming meet, or any other future meets.
  2. Via Email – To register via email, you will still be required to complete the necessary registration form, and you would need to download it from here. You can find a copy below or in the Forms section of the Website; or
  3. Online – Using the no mess, no fuss registration method at the bottom of this page. All you simply need to do is follow the prompts and register online for the race meeting. No paperwork, no email, no completing of forms, simply follow the prompts and press enter.

PLEASE NOTE for dogs to be eligible to participate in any official meets or events, they must be 12 months of age. If your dog is under 12 months of age, they will only be allowed to participate in the Puppy Runs.


Download File


If you find you’re always forgetting or just wish for a little less fuss, you can enter your dogs for multiple races throughout the year. To do this, you will need to obtain and complete a Multi-Meet Form (yearly entry) form from the Race Secretary at the next meet.

Alternatively, you can download the yearly registration form . This can only be done at the FIRST meet which will be 16th February 2020.​​

Online Registrations

If filling in forms, is not your style, you can register on the go here. To be able to register online you will need to:

  1. Know the dates of the upcoming Meet; and
  2. Registrations close the Friday, One (1) week before the next scheduled Meet.
Dog Chasing

Online Registrations


By filling out the form below and pressing “SUBMIT” you hereby apply to enter your dog under the terms of, and upon the conditions set out by, the Queensland Lure CoursingAssociation Inc., and agree to abide by its rules and regulations. You hereby certify to the correctness of the particulars endorsed hereon. You declare that your dog is not a council declared dangerous dog and that it is not a banned breed of Australia.

Furthermore, you acknowledge that there are inherent risks associated with the activity/sport of lure coursing and that while engaged in any activity sponsored or operated by the Queensland Lure Coursing Association Inc (QLCA Inc) or its affiliates, including but not limited to its: officers, directors, members, guests, agents for any activity performed or held on property used by QLCA Inc or an activity sponsored or operated by QLCA Inc, You assume full responsibility and liability for those risks that may result in bodily injury or damage, directly or indirectly to myself, to my dog, to my property, or to any other property or person that I cause either by my actions or the actions of my dog.

Pricing is as follows:

Members: $11 per dog, first 2 dogs. $8 per dog each dog after.

Members: $15 per dog per late entry​

Non Members: $15 per dog​​  

Puppy Runs: $3 per dog

Contact information

Eric Smith

Vice President
Ian Smith 

Heather Irvine

Race Secretary
Melissa Van Bael

Membership Officer
Cathy Yuen

Pursuit Magazine Officer
Raine Foxx

Keeper of Scores/Trophy Steward
Teresa Bowman


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