Puppy Runs and Trial Runs

Looking for a new sport for your puppy, and you thought Lure Coursing is the one for you. Well guess what, you’re right…. But we must make sure your puppy is six (6) months or older before they will be allowed to take part. We need to consider their delicate bones before we let them run freely.


Puppy Runs, or Trial Runs for New Dogs, are held at every Race Meeting. The Puppy Run goes for a short distance usually in a straight line. The Lure will travel the course and when it approaches the puppy, it will take off and hopefully entice the puppy (or new dog) to follow.

Puppy runs are held at 8.30 before the official meet and then if your dog is 12 months or older you may then register as a late entry for the official meet.

Remember, if it doesn’t happen the first time, don’t give up, the puppy will eventually get it, and love it.


Remember, when your puppy celebrates his 1st Birthday you can bring him along register him in a full run and enter an official competition. The perfect birthday present.

The official age of a puppy to enter into a official run, and start to participate in full or half runs, your puppy needs to officially turn 1 year old.

Where: At every QLCA Race Meeting
What Time: Puppies are now run first up in the mornings and then this gives you a chance to register for BOTH runs as a late entry if you would like.
Registration: 8 – 8.30 am.
Costs: $3.00 each puppy run. If you want your puppy to participate, please pay your $3.00 to the Race Secretary, where you will be handed a ticket for you to present to the Huntsmaster on the Field. If you do not have a ticket, you will be asked to take your puppy off the field and purchase one.

Lure Course Meeting

Want to come to the next meeting

That’s brilliant, we love watching new dogs and puppies take to the course, well here is what you need to do.

Interested in giving your dog or puppy a go?

  • Check out the list of upcoming Race Meetings at either Wally Tate Park, Kuraby, our home venue, or if you don’t mind a bit of a drive, why not head out to the Warwick Race Meetings.
  • Introduce yourself to any of our members and explain that it is your first time. Or better yet, head on over to the Race Secretary’s Shelter right beside the 2 big shipping containers and let them know your there to give it a try.
  • If your a keen organiser you could email the Race Secretary in advance, to get the low down on what you need to do, and enter your dog or puppy before you come along.
    Enter your dog or puppy into a Puppy Run / Trial Run to see how they take to the course.
  • All PUPPY RUNS start at 8.30am and finish at 8.50am on the morning of the meet. For more information on Puppy Runs / Trial Runs click here. N.B. Puppies must be at least six (6) months of age to be able to participate in the puppy runs.
  • All OFFICIAL MEETINGS start at 9:00am, unless otherwise posted. Assistance in the setting up and packing of equipment is much appreciated

What do I bring?

We try to keep the sport of Lure Coursing as simple as possible, however there are some limitations on what we can provide and you will need to do the rest. Of course your comfort is key, so we suggest you bring along:

Costs of Entry

The best part of Lure Coursing is its affordability. Unlike many sports the costs of participating in the sport are minimal.

2022 Membership Fees 

– Single – $45

– Family – $55 

– Membership fees are due in January each year 

Race Entry Fees

– Members (fully paid) First Dog – $11.00

– Members (fully paid) Each additional dog thereafter – $9.00 

– Non Members – $15.00 per dog (Non Members are allowed 2 X runs then they must join as a Member of QLCA 

– Late Entries – $15.00 per dog (No certificate for late entries)

– Puppy Runs – $3.00 per run per dog

– Summer cup – $5.00 per dog 

– Tile Fees -$10.00 All titles 

N.B. LATE ENTRIES – A dog is deemed a late entry if they are not pre-registered before the day of the race meet, irrespective of if you are a fully paid member or not. All points earned by late entry dogs DO NOT count towards Gradings. Its best to get in early and register.

Register your dog now!

It is easy to register your dog, just click the Event Register button.

Contact information

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Race Secretary
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Membership Officer
Cathy Yuen

Pursuit Magazine Officer
Raine Foxx


Keeper of Scores/Trophy Steward
Teresa Bowman


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