The Warwick Lure Coursing Club was formed in 1997 after the QLCA ran a Lure Coursing demonstration in Warwick. 
We started our coursing days at the local showgrounds and after many months of using a drag lure (quite a drag indeed), Ian Smith built a motorbike for us and away we went!​



Warwick is an easy and pleasant 2 hour drive from Brisbane.  Our Field Trials are run the same way as in Brisbane but on a smaller scale. 

​We now lease our own grounds from the Council.  We are located at Henry Joppich Park, Wentworth Street, Warwick.

Instead of awarding prizes to groups, we allocate 1st, 2nd and 3rd certificates in each breed, and prizes of dog food to the top ten scores of the day. The Top Dog of the Day receives a towel embroidered with our club logo – very flash!

Dates for Warwick 2020

February 23 Field Trial
March 29 Field Trial
April 26 Field Trial
May 31 Field Trial & Milo Memorial Cup
June 28 Field Trial
July 26 Field Trial / Triple Challenge
August 30 Field Trial
September 27 Field Trial
October 25 Field Trial
November 29 Field Trial & Christmas Party

Cost for Field Trial Warwick

Membership Single $20 Family $30
Field Trials Members $10 per dog Non-Members $12 per dog
Third or more dogs are half price Third or more dogs are half price
Puppy Runs $2 Puppy Runs $2

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Contact information

Eric Smith

Vice President
Ian Smith

Heather Irvine

Race Secretary
Melissa Van Bael

Membership Officer
Cathy Yuen

Pursuit Magazine Officer
Raine Foxx


Keeper of Scores/Trophy Steward
Teresa Bowman


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