Summer Cup

Irvine Fordyce Summer Cup

Over the summer months, two (2) lure coursing meetings are held in December, and February. The dogs compete for two lovely trophies:-

  • Registered Winner; and
  • Unregistered Winner.

The winners are judged over two meets with the final results being taken from the two highest scores of each dog. Owners must be financial members and dogs must attend both meetings to be eligible to compete for the trophies.

Dogs must be registered by 8.00 am and the meetings start at 8.30 a.m. each day. The dogs only run once – not the usual twice – and fun runs are offered if weather and time permit.

Entry fees for the Summer Cup are $5.00 per dog (EACH run). Volunteers are needed for the positions of Huntsmaster and Gate Steward, and Lure Controller. Place cards are not awarded at any of the Summer Cup meetings.

The Summer Cup trophies are kindly donated by Mr Irvine Fordyce.

How to Enter

Well that’s simple, all you need to do is complete the Summer Cup Entry Form and submit it to the Race Secretary.
Or fill out the online form below.

You must be a member to enter the Summer Cup.​​

Summer Cup Online Registration

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