Scoring System

How is a dog scored / judged

Your dog is evaluated on the following points as it is not just a test of speed. 

ENTHUSIASM: (Max 15 Points)
Lively, single minded, showing great eagerness and determination in regard to the lure, after the start and until the lure returns to the catching pen for the course.

FOLLOW: (Max 15 Points)
Chasing the lure with the intent of taking it, while maintaining a path of reasonably close proximity to the lure’s course, considering the relative positions of the dogs to the lure and to each other. Keenness is exhibited when the dog reacts immediately to any change in the motion of the lure. A dog that becomes unsighted for some good reason and yet attempts to find the lure again is not severely penalised, depending on how hard it works at trying to find the lure again, and how soon it does so. 

SPEED: (Max 25 Points)
Rapidity in moving, the rate of moving or progress. Credit goes to the dog that levels out low, stretching and really drives. Since timing is not used to measure speed, the dog’s manner of “putting out” is an important means of assessing its ability to cover ground.

AGILITY: (Max 25 Points)
The ability to move quickly and easily; nimbleness in negotiating terrain, which may cause a dog to slip or slide; turning without going wide or cutting or breaking stride; co- ordination of movement.

ENDURANCE: (Max 20 Points)
Lasting quality, stamina of physical and mental concentration. Credit is given to the dog, which does not fade, or pull up or slacken.

In the event of tied scores, a countback will be held to determine the winner from the Senior Judge’s sheets. The countback will commence with speed score followed by agility, endurance, follow and enthusiasm. If the tied scores cannot be separated, then the dogs will be declared equal winners. The rule only applies to routine coursing meets.


The penalty of twenty-five [25] points shall be given against a dog that is found loose anywhere on the grounds on the day. It will have no effect on the dog’s overall yearly rating or grading

For dogs whose handlers start their dogs before the Hunts Master has given the “Go” command.

Dogs which delay their course or whose handlers delay the course may be penalised, but not through trying to retrieve the lure upon completion of the course.

This is how a judge assesses the performance of your dog. Even though a judge’s decision is final you are welcome to discuss your dog’s performance or ask for help in case of non-performance, with any of the judges present on the day.

current QLCA judges

We currently have several judges appointed at QLCA and they are all well trained and versed in the mechanics of judging the dogs on the Course.  Our Judges are:-
Chief Judge – Terry Cullen
Senior Judge  – Ian Smith, Jeff Souter, Carol Cameron
​Field Judge – Teresa Bowman, Alison Jarvis, Jenny Gray,  Mike Jeavons
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