Field Champion Title

Points and Grading – Field Champion Title

Before your dog will be eligible to achieve the title of Field Champion, they MUST be a registered dog (not a Council registered dog) and you must be a financial member of the club.  Don’t despair, if you don’t have registration papers, or your dog is not registered, your dog will be able to qualify for the Companion of the Course Title instead.

If your dog is a registered dog and you wish for them to compete in the breed categories, you will be required to provide a photocopy of your dog’s pedigree papers (registration papers) within the first 3 months of registration.  Just to clarify your dog will be required to have a registration certificate (pedigree) from: 

  • Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) 
  • Canine Control Council of Queensland (CCCQ) 
  • The Greyhound Racing Authority or sighting and recording ear tattoos for ex-racing greyhounds. 

Its important to ensure that you record your dog’s call name on the copy of the registration certificate as well.



Novice:  For dogs that have failed to score more than 144 points in three events in which they were entered. 

Intermediate:  For dogs in the Novice Class who have scored 150 points or more in two consecutive courses or three courses with a minimum score of 145 points in each event. 

Open:  For dogs in the Intermediate Class who have scored 160 points or more in two consecutive courses or three courses with a minimum score of 155 points in each event (which don’t need to be consecutive)

Field Champion: For dogs in the Open Class who have scored 170 points or more at any three courses in any twelve month period or a minimum score of 165 points at any five courses in any twenty-four month period. *Please note: Championship points can only be accumulated within the Open Class. 

PLEASE NOTE: In order to gain field champion you MUST start from the bottom at Novice level and work up.  Just because your dog score 170 at three meet does NOT make them Field Champion.

Regrading:  Any dog in Open Class that scores below the qualifying score for the class in which it is entered at three consecutive courses will be downgraded. 
* Field Champions will not be downgraded.
**Intermediate will not be downgraded back to Novice. 

Lure Courser of Merit:  For dogs who are Field Champions and have scored a minimum of 175 points at any three courses or a score of 173 or more at any five courses.  There is no time limit.

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