Companion of The Course

Companion of the Course Title

So you have an unregistered dog, but still want to compete for the illustrious titles.  Well you certainly can, this is the pathway for your dog.  The points system is very similar to the Field Champion Titles for registered dogs, but this is specifically designed for unregistered and mixed breed classes in mind.

Beginner:  For dogs that have failed to score 145 points in three events in which they were entered. 

Junior:  For dogs in the Beginner class who have scored a minimum of 145 three times – non consecutive. 

Advanced:  For dogs in the Junior class who have scored a minimum of 155 four times – non consecutive. 

Companion of The Course:  For dogs in the Advanced class who have scored 165 four times – non consecutive. 

PLEASE NOTE: Companion of the Course points can only be accumulated within the Advanced class. 

Companion Courser of Merit:   For dogs who are Companions of the Course and have scored a minimum of 173 points at any three courses or a score of 170 or more at any five courses. There is no time limit.

Remember, you must be a financial member of the club to gain titles.

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